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Typical Brokerage Case Study


You have a listing, but its priced a little above market.  The market is good, but no bites.  Other properties in the neighborhood are going pending.  Your seller is on you to produce an offer.  Days on market pile up, and showings are sparse.  Your listing is a week away from the expiration date.  Buyers are on the fence and waiting you out.  Anxiety grows strong with the agent and the seller.  What do you do?

Great agents offer something nobody else can….offer a bidding war.  You know deep in your heart all you need a price reduction, and Zetabid’s process gets you the reduction you need to turn the tables.

Every agent knows the impact of pricing on demand.



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The secret sauce of the Zetabid agent program is we drop the listing price on the MLS (or CoStar for commercial) to the starting bid price which is below market (the amount below depends on the situation).   With this pricing strategy, you get EVERY buyer through the home and dramatically alter the activity.  Only auction formats allow this type of table turning catalyst.

Now you are in control.  Showings are off the charts, your phone is ringing off the hook, buyers sense the urgency and competition and pull the trigger on an offer; either before or during the auction.  Your seller knows every buyer in the market has been through the property and it validates his acceptance of the best offer.

Now you have a happy customer for life, a new strategy for life, and a commission in the bank.

You don’t fish with your bait above the water.  Instead, chum the waters and create a feeding frenzy.

Don’t let the next agent take your listing away with that price reduction you covet; offer a Zetabid bidding war instead.  In addition, we get paid by the buyer and don’t take commission from you?


“Offer your customer a bidding war, keep your listing, and put a pending sale rider on your yard sign next week “


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