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Residential Property:

Zetabid offers several different programs to generate bidding wars for sellers of residential property.  If your property is listed with a Realtor we can partner with your agent throughout the sales and closing process (Agents click here to learn more).  If you are not listed, we will pay for a broker to get your home on the MLS and draft contracts and disclosure documents.



Marketing of estate property is both an art form and dedicated process different from any other category of real estate.  Please read our luxury estates page to learn more


For Sale By Owner:

For self directed property sellers, Zetabid offers a by-owner program with no seller paid commissions and full MLS marketing plus purchase contract/disclosure preparation.  Click Here to learn more.



Zetabid offers mortgage servicers both live and online auctions of bank owned real estate.  Currently the focus exists on occupied REO and aged REO inventory.  Zetabid works with the legacy listing brokers and all assets are listed in the local MLS.  Our fees are often 40% less than our competition.  Contact Michael Davin at 424-888-6068×101 to obtain more information about our REO programs.



As the residential rental market matures, the large funds have consolidated and either gone public or securitized their portfolio of homes.  With the fine turning of portfolios, the need to sell certain non core assets will remain a key focus.  Many smaller funds are winding down and need to sell now that the market has returned to its 2006 peaks (and beyond).

When selling a portfolio, Zetabid has found peer to peer trades (to other investors) often achieve 20% less (net proceeds) than owner occupant sales.  On a portfolio that creates a large lost opportunity.  Although individual sales are harder, Zetabid can manage the staging of homes by lease expiration date and create retail MLS listings targeting owner occupants.  Our date certain sealed bid program eliminates long marketing times and carry costs.  Contact us to discuss a portfolio strategy no matter how large or small.


Every sale we complete is a fully customized program designed to use the power of auction pricing strategy to create bidding wars on real estate.  Whether you are new to the market or need to spark an old tired listing, Zetabid can help.

Please contact us to discuss your unique situation.

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