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Zetabid embraces the real estate agent community as the cornerstone of any real estate sale for both the buyer and seller.  Most Realtors and auction firms argue about which sales and marketing methods are more effective, but at Zetabid we believe strongly in both approaches.  Zetabid uses the best of both worlds to optimize price and provide a quicker and more certain sale timeline.  The Multiple Listing Service is also a mainstay in our marketing program.

Every property we auction utilizes a listing broker.  Additionally, we compensate buyer agents with an average commission ranging from 2-3% without any frustrating registration requirements.  Bottom line is Zetabid operates with Realtors in collaborative team approach to sell real estate effectively.


Listing Agents:

If you are a listing agent and have a customer who needs to invigorate a stale listing, let us energize your efforts with a custom tailored event.  Don’t let that listing expire and have another agent get the price reduction and commission.  Offer a bidding war instead.  Let us help you get the price reduction you need while staying in 100% control of the process and your client.

For more information on how to win read our listing strategy page.

Also take a look at our marketing gallery to see how we can expose your property to the world.

The below chart is a summary of our process.  You keep your listing and 100% control as we work with you as your partner to get the home sold.  We don’t share in the commission paid either.  Our fees are paid by the buyer and we will pay you a referral fee on top of your commission when you bring us in to help.

Typical Process:


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Buyer Agents:

If you are a buyer agent and have a buyer for one of our properties, please assist your buyer with the easy bidding process and earn a generous coop fee.  Remember, we don’t require Realtors to register with the auction to earn a fee.  We suggest a full market commission rate be offered to buyer agents but they are set between the seller and the listing broker and vary by auction.

Zetabid knows 80-90% of home buyers use an agent and running an event without the support of the real estate community is borderline insane.


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