Zetabid, formerly owned by the Tribune Company, has the power to expose real estate assets to the right buyers and maximize interest from qualified buyers.  See the below gallery of actual Zetabid promotion in action.

Each asset we sell has a specific media and marketing plan tailored to the location, property type and price point.  The below gallery is for illustration purposes of past marketing programs and not used for every property.


Marketing Examples:




Post Cards:

Oversized full color mailers are sent to property owners and renters within a certain radius of the property.  For commercial property, that list is expanded to business owners and investors targeted by industry SIC code and location.



Digital Online:

Custom banner advertising units are created on major real estate portals like LoopNet and Zillow.

On the right is a LoopNet homepage ad generating millions of unique views.



LoopNet HomePage












Targeted Maryland LoopNet Banner Ad:


LoopNet Banner



Other Real Estate Portal Ads


zillow 1


Other Online Ads






Zetabid has successfully used the nation’s leading newspapers to promote auction events over the years.


Print 2


Print 1




Through years of promotion Zetabid has a robust email list of real estate buyers.  In addition, we also buy lists to reach real estate agents and  property investors who are not on our own proprietary list.


Email 1 email 2


Special Photography:


Custom Upscale Video Tour



Drone Video



Drone Oblique Aerial Photos:

003-min 002

Luxury Estate Photo shoots

Lighting, sunset timing, dramatic angles enhance the appeal of this home sold by Zetabid.


pool evening sitting room 1