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Our Approach:

Zetabid embraces the brokerage community and all of our sales are done with brokers.  We also cooperate with buyer agents offering large coop commission rates.  Additionally we don’t hassle brokers with onerous registration forms.  Zetabid encourages pre-auction offers which many user buyers prefer.

Zetabid knows buyers want a contingency to verify condition and environmental issues since most buyers will not waste their time with a full inspection without knowing they are the winning bidder.   We understand how deals are done and gain more cooperation with buyers and brokers than any auction firm.

Our Experience:

Zetabid founders have all worked in the commercial real estate brokerage world for decades.  Co-founder Hal Ellis started Grubb & Ellis which is now Newmark Grub Knight Frank.  The Sam Zell run Tribune Company was also a co-founder of Zetabid.  No auction company understands commercial real estate like Zetabid.

Our commercial real estate channel is operated exclusively with Heritage Global Partners, a division of Heritage Global, Inc.  CEO Ross Dove was the leading commercial real estate auctioneer in the 1990s having sold over a billion in assets for the FDIC RTC and other institutional sellers.

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Listing Brokers:

We have three ways for listing brokers to make more money working with Zetabid:


  1. Accelerated marketing programs (auction and structured sales)
  2. Principal acquisitions (we can buy your listing with you earning a full commission)
  3. Referral fees on other services such as equipment sales, environmental liability transfers (sites with significant environmental issues), etc.

Accelerated Marketing Programs:

We offer custom auction solutions to drive the best outcome for you and your clients.  Zetabid uses the power of auction marketing to capture the interest of every buyer in your market and beyond.  Whether utilizing live auction, online auction, or sealed bid events, we create date certain liquidity.  You keep your full listing commission (and complete client control) and we will pay you a referral fee on our auction Buyer’s Premium often adding an extra percentage to your fee.

If you have a listing and you are interested in leveraging a custom auction event to help you get a property sold we want to help.  The buyer pays the cost of the auction via a Buyer’s Premium and you keep the commission and full client control.   Remember, most brokers just need a price reduction to get a property sold.  Auctions allow the use of a lower starting bid price to drive interest much like investment bankers price initial public offerings on the stock exchange.  See our page winning listing strategies for more on pricing.

Our process is designed to speed up a lengthy conventional brokerage approach with a date certain sale.  Sometimes speed and certainty trump the few extra dollars of the retail brokerage approach.


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Buyer Agents:

It is easy to represent a buyer in Zetabid sales.  We do not require you to register.  Broker coop fees are listed on each auction detail page and we encourage sellers to offer a market rate.  If your client does not want to wait for the auction, and the property has a ‘buy it now’ price listed, the owner is considering offers pre-auction.  Simply fill out the form on the auction page to get the process started.


Zetabid maintains an excellent relationship with the brokerage community because we know most buyers and sellers utilize agents.  Zetabid founders are from the brokerage world and understand your business.



Zetabid offers extensive marketing and promotional support for our events.  We also co-brand with our listing broker partners and push the property leads to the broker to manage.  For a sample look at some of our past marketing please view our Marketing Gallery.

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